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Top 5 Greatest Con Men in History

By September 30, 2023No Comments

Throughout history, charismatic individuals with a knack for deceit and manipulation have managed to swindle, cheat, and charm their way into the annals of infamy. These con men, often masters of disguise and persuasive speech, have left a lasting mark on society. Let’s explore the captivating stories of some of history’s most notorious con men, showcasing their audacity, cunning, and, at times, their ultimate downfall.

1. Charles Ponzi (1882-1949)

Charles Ponzi’s name is synonymous with the infamous “Ponzi scheme.” In the early 20th century, Ponzi promised investors astronomical returns through arbitrage opportunities involving international reply coupons. His scheme attracted thousands of investors, but it was nothing more than a house of cards. Ponzi used funds from new investors to pay earlier ones, ultimately collapsing in 1920. His name lives on as a symbol of fraudulent investment schemes.

2. Frank Abagnale Jr. (b. 1948)

Frank Abagnale’s life of deception inspired the movie “Catch Me If You Can.” As a young man, Abagnale forged checks worth millions of dollars, impersonated professionals, and even posed as a Pan Am pilot. His intelligence and charm helped him evade capture for years. Eventually, he was apprehended by the FBI, but his story highlights the audacity of youth and the allure of the con.

3. Gregor MacGregor (1786-1845)

Gregor MacGregor, a Scottish soldier and adventurer, pulled off one of the most audacious cons in history—the creation of a fictional country called “Poyais.” MacGregor convinced hundreds of investors that Poyais, located in Central America, was a prosperous nation ripe for colonization. In reality, Poyais did not exist. Investors bought worthless land certificates, and many perished attempting to reach this nonexistent utopia.

4. Victor Lustig (1890-1947)

Victor Lustig was a charming con artist known for selling the Eiffel Tower. Twice. In the 1920s, Lustig convinced scrap metal dealers that the iconic Parisian landmark was scheduled for demolition and that they could purchase it. He vanished with their money before his deception was uncovered. Lustig’s audacity and knack for manipulation made him a legend in the annals of con artistry.

5. Anna Sorokin (b. 1991)

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, posed as a wealthy German heiress in New York City. She defrauded hotels, restaurants, and friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, all while maintaining the illusion of opulence on social media. Her high-profile trial in 2019 brought her story to the forefront, highlighting the power of social perception in the digital age.


The stories of these infamous con men serve as cautionary tales, reminding us of the allure of deception and the importance of skepticism and due diligence. While their audacity and cunning are remarkable, they ultimately faced consequences for their actions. History’s con men, though often celebrated in popular culture, also underscore the importance of ethics, honesty, and integrity in a world where trust is a valuable commodity

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