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So, who is the “Silver Fox” behind Silver Fox Accountancy? Well, there’s 2 of us! My mother, Suzanne Silver, and myself, Mariah Fox.

We started this firm with the belief that good accounting can either make or break a business, and we didn’t want to just provide “good”, we wanted to provide “exceptional”.

Originally, I wanted to become a stand-up comedian, but I enjoyed sitting too much.

Growing up, I watched my mom go from working as a server, to getting through school, and working her way up to becoming a CFO for multi-billion dollar organizations. She worked in several industries including retail, manufacturing, construction, publicly traded companies, international companies, and more. She had started getting a demand in her own network to do taxes, so she started her own tax firm when I was still in high school. With this, she began teaching me all about the practice, which was golden knowledge since we didn’t have “personal finance” in our high school curriculum. Over time, she grew in popularity and her referral base expanded. She started another accounting firm that did everything from data entry to SEC reporting. I worked for her while attending school for accounting. I was exposed to a variety of challenges that built my skills faster than I could have fathomed. I worked manufacturing, construction, non-profits, gaming (I mean, am I really from Vegas if I didn’t work in this field at some point?), retail, tech, and multi-billion dollar public companies.

Suzanne and I started Silver Fox Accountancy envisioning change in our industry. Do you believe accounting is just inputting numbers? Do you picture accountants as conventional and uptight individuals? Does talking about finances give you the same dread of going to the dentist? Well the good news is, you won’t find that at Silver Fox Accountancy. We’re far from boring. We’re witty, intelligent, funny, and we will provide you with the best quality of accounting work you could find.

Hire our pack of Silver Foxes, and you will not regret it!