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Want Your Finances On Track? Hire a Silver Fox

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S ilver Fox Accountancy (SFA) is a full-service accounting firm that specializes in both product and service-based industries. We provide accounting support personnel inhouse, hybrid, or remote. Our direct services include full cycle accounting, tax, bookkeeping, payroll services, and more to private and public companies.

SFA firmly believes that having access to reliable financial information is essential when making confident decisions. With SFA, you are provided the freedom to focus on your business’ growth and stability while we provide and perform the financial operations necessary for that growth and stability. SFA abides by GAAP in every area of its performance and strives for clarity, efficiency, and longevity with such. For 25+ years, our dedicated accounting professionals have provided personalized service to our clients to help them manage their businesses and keep their finances on track.

What Sets Us Apart from The Rest?

We don’t believe that accounting is a one-size-fits-all practice. We have created an onboarding development system which has made services to our clients unique to their needs. We tailor our accounting structure to your company’s preferences while upholding legal, professional, ethical and moral standards.

Each of our accountants have been thoroughly vetted by taking and passing tests regarding GAAP, intermediate/advanced accounting, laws of accounting, and taxation. They have also gone through a meticulous interview process to ensure they meet the standards that our clients deserve.


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